Top 15 Open-Source Load Testing Software 2023

Availability of skills in the Market Place – Probably one of the most common dimension that will come to mind when selecting a Performance Testing solution. A simple search of any of the large job sites will give you an idea of the nature of capability available locally. This would differ from region to region so we would definitely recommend doing your homework to understand which way is the market skewed. Un-fortunately the market in most geographies is skewed to some of the enterprise Performance Testing tools. Capacity tests to determine how many users and transactions a given system will support and still meet performance goals. An effective testing tool should support new technologies and integrate easily with DevOps CI/CD and other platforms within the existing testing ecosystem.

Selecting a Load Testing Tool

In addition, you can use it to simulate heavy loads over a server, network/object, or group of different servers to test its strength and analyze total performance under varying load types. It’s helpful for everyone, from agencies and ecommerce site owners to developers, by helping them find and troubleshoot performance issues quickly while reducing their expenditure on costly APM tools. Kinsta APMNeed a hassle-free performance monitoring solution for your WordPress website? Try Kinsta APM. It’s designed to let you find and resolve performance issues on your Kinsta-hosted sites.

Use performance testing to monitor and optimize user experiences

Nothing’s infinitely scalable and unless you’ve designed your Performance Testing rig for scalability expect to hit performance issues with your Performance Testing setup. There are certain applications where recording cannot be done, in such cases, API calls from the script may be an effective option. Thus, the usage of API testing scripts and web services scripting should be supported by the load tools taken into consideration.

Find out the level of user support you can expect from the tool’s vendor. Generally, commercial vendors offer high-quality support through various channels of communication, documentation, load test definition and more. Different vendors offer different app protocols such as HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, FTP/STFP, etc. Choose the tool based on the nature of the app protocol you like to utilize.

What Is Performance Testing Important for Software Development?

Discover what they provide for load and performance testing to help teams develop functional and reliable apps. Primarily for those familiar with Python and in a hurry to conduct load testing for their service without having to deal with the specifics of testing on such complex tools as LoadRunner or JMeter. If there are protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS in your project or you are not familiar with Python, it is better to look towards other solutions for load testing. The tool provides options for actionable browser-based metrics, which lets you evaluate the performance of your application. You can also debug in real-time, identify performance problems, and capture client-side interactions quickly. Since Apache JMeter is available in an open-source format, it is highly accessible to software businesses of all sizes.

Selecting a Load Testing Tool

Performance testing is a type of software testing that helps you determine the performance of a software in terms of speed, response time, scalability, resource usage, and stability under a given workload. LoadView uses real browsers to simulate user behavior, which provides more accurate results compared to other testing tools. Micro Focus created the software speed testing tool called LoadRunner. It is intended to support developers and testers in locating and isolating speed problems in intricate applications.

Technical Support

Loadium Record & Play helps Loadium users to write fast and better-automated load tests. SmartBear hasn’t reported any plans to add support for mobile app testing. The company offers online resources for training and an extensive support system.

Selecting a Load Testing Tool

Load testing – The main goal of load testing is to identify an app’s performance bottlenecks before an organization launches it. It can cut testing time in half while allowing you to design comprehensive load tests without needing scripts. In addition, it uses actual browsers instead of load simulators to get useful browser-based data lightning-fast. The quality of deployments can be enhanced by continuous load testing.

Modern Load Testing for Engineering Teams

Learn how these tools work and their business benefits.What to look for in application load testing tools Load testing tools help ensure an app is ready for prime time. Apache JMeter is simply one of the best free load testing tools for developers. It is the most popular tool, too, so we’re giving it the first place, and it is beyond dispute. It supports a 100% Java-scripted desktop application and tests functional performance of web applications, as well. AppLoader is an automated performance testing tool designed to help in any business process. It has a scripting-free feature that enables you to quickly create and conduct load tests without having to install anything on your application servers.

Ronwell Digital provides professional testing services, which can help organizations identify and address software issues quickly and effectively. Endurance Testing – Judges how the software behaves under an expected workload for a prolonged period. The aim is to find out how the software can handle sustained usage and to identify any performance problems that may occur after extended use. Volume Testing – Examines the system’s overall performance under increasing data levels.


Parameterization and randomization of variables take just a few clicks, and logical actions are all drag-and-drop. Former users of script-based tools like JMeter tell us that using NeoLoad results in up to 10 times faster test design compared to what they were used to. To support Agile processes and make performance testing a competitive advantage, you need a modern load testing tool that enables your objectives of quality and speed. Whichever load testing tool you choose, it should help establish performance testing as a trusted partner within the software delivery chain for your organization. Load Focus is a cloud testing tool designed to run performance tests and load tests for Web Applications, Websites and API Endpoints with thousands of concurrent users from any world location. Looking for the top load testing tools, including their features, pros, and cons for 2023?

  • This is different from stress testing, which is about overloading systems until they break to understand the outer performance limits.
  • Performance parameters such as speed, stability, and scalability are evaluated throughout the testing.
  • As part of its mobile device support, NeoLoad can record mobile device actions and network virtualization.
  • Whenever you see the specifications are not met, update the process for better test execution.
  • If you’re anticipating a larger load of users, you’ll likely be better off in the long run paying for a load testing tool.
  • And to build confidence in your testing process, the solution must accommodate the different roles in your organization.

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